Assessing Job Performance Using Brief Self-report Scales: The Case of the Individual Work Performance Questionnaire

195 - 205

Pedro J. Ramos-Villagrasa, Juan R. Barrada, Elena Fernández-del-Río, and Linda Koopmans

Vol. 35. Num. 3. - 2019

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Not All Telework is Valuable

11 - 19

Massimo Miglioretti, Andrea Gragnano, Simona Margheritti, and Eleonora Picco

Vol. 37. Num. 1. April 2021

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Servant Leadership, Engagement, and Employee Outcomes: The Moderating Roles of Proactivity and Job Autonomy

58 - 67

Dana Yagil and Ravit Oren

Vol. 37. Num. 1. April 2021

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Work-Family Conflict, Coping Strategies and Burnout: A Gender and Couple Analysis

21 - 28

Laura Heras Recuero and Amparo Osca Segovia

Vol. 37. Num. 1. April 2021

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Desde el burnout al engagement: ¿una nueva perspectiva?


Salanova, Marisa$Schaufeli, Wilmar B.$Llorens Gumbau, Susana$Peiró Silla, José María$Grau Gumbau, Rosa María

Vol. 16. Num. 2. - 2000

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Coping with Burnout Symptoms through Task Significance in Professionals Working with Individuals with Intellectual Disability

50 - 57

Vicente Martínez-Tur, Yolanda Estreder, Inés Tomás, Esther Gracia, and Carolina Moliner

Vol. 37. Num. 1. April 2021

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Stifling My Fire: The Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employees’ Motivation and Ensuing Outcomes at Work

205 - 214

Sigalit Ronen and Magda B. L. Donia

Vol. 36. Num. 3. December 2020

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Attributions of Managerial Decisions, Emotions, and OCB. The Moderating Role of Ethical Climate and Self-Enhancement

36 - 48

Lily Chernyak-Hai, Aharon Tziner

Vol. 37. Num. 1. April 2021

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Affective Commitment, Participative Leadership, and Employee Innovation: A Multilevel Investigation

103 - 113

Carlo Odoardi, Adalgisa Battistelli, Francesco Montani, and José M. Peiró

Vol. 35. Num. 2. - 2019

Full TextPDF

Two in Distress Make Sorrow less: A Work-Life Conflict Moderated Mediation Model

28 - 34

Inés Martínez-Corts, Sandra Manzanares, and Francisco J. Medina

Vol. 37. Num. 1. April 2021

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