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The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context, the official journal of the Sociedad Española de Psicología Jurídica y Forense [Spanish Society of Forensic Psychology] and the Asociación Iberoamericana de Justicia Terapéutica [Latin-American Association of Therapeutic Jurisprudence] edited by these associations and Colegio Oficial de la Psicología de Madrid [Madrid Regional Association of Psychology]. It publishes unpublished empirical articles and meta-analytic reviews of topics dealing with psychology and law (e.g., legal decision making, eyewitness). Papers addressing both the inquisitorial and the adversarial legal systems will be welcome as well as papers based on concrete laws of a European or Latin-American country. Neither the Editors nor the Publishers will accept responsibility for the views or statements expressed by the authors. The journal is aimed at researchers, academics and professionals in Psychology, Law, Social Work, Forensic Sciences, Educators and, in general, people related with Social Sciences and the Law.

The manuscripts will be reviewed by two blind referees. The reviews are anonymous for authors and reviewers. Author identities will be removed before sending out a manuscript to the reviewers.

Authors are not charged any fees or charges for manuscript processing and/or publishing in the journal.

Editor-in-chief: Ramón Arce


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Vol. 14. Num. 1. January 2022. Pages 1-50    

Assessing Independent Life Skills of Youth in Child Protection: A MultiInformant Approach

1 - 10

Laura García-Alba, Álvaro Postigo, Federica Gullo, José Muñiz, and Jorge F. Del Valle

Vol. 14. Num. 1. January 2022

Full TextPDF

Mapping Details to Elicit Information and Cues to Deceit: The Effects of Map Richness

11 - 19

Haneen Deeb, Aldert Vrij, Sharon Leal, Mark Fallon, Samantha Mann, Kirk Luther, and Pär A. Granhag

Vol. 14. Num. 1. January 2022

Full TextPDF

Police Survey: Procedures and Prevalence of Intoxicated Witnesses and Victims in Sweden

21 - 31

Angelica V. Hagsand, Daniel Pettersson, Jacqueline R. Evans, and Nadja Schreiber-Compo

Vol. 14. Num. 1. January 2022

Full TextPDF

Assessing Risk Perception over Recidivist Traffic Offenders from a Multi-group Approach: How Gendered Could It Be?

33 - 41

Ignacio Lijarcio, Francisco J. Llamazares, Eliseo Valle, Luis Montoro, Sergio A. Useche

Vol. 14. Num. 1. January 2022

Full TextPDF

Anxiety and Depression from Cybervictimization in Adolescents: A Metaanalysis and Meta-regression Study

42 - 50

María M. Molero, África Martos, Ana B. Barragán, María C. Pérez-Fuentes, José J. Gázquez

Vol. 14. Num. 1. January 2022

Full TextPDF
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