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Psychosocial Intervention is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers in all areas relevant to Psychosocial Intervention. The Journal emphasizes an evidence-based perspective and welcomes unpublished papers reporting original basic and applied research, program evaluation, and intervention results. Psychosocial Intervention is committed to advance knowledge, and to provide scientific evidence informing psychosocial interventions tackling social and community problems. Psychosocial Intervention welcomes contributions from all areas of Psychology and allied disciplines, such as sociology, social work, public health, and social epidemiology.

2020 Impact Factor: 5.083 (Q1)

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Editor-in-Chief: Enrique Gracia

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Effectiveness of the Mantente REAL Program for Preventing Alcohol Use in Spanish Adolescents

113 - 122

Olalla Cutrín, Stephen Kulis, Lorena Maneiro, Isotta MacFadden, María P. Navas, David Alarcón, José A. Gómez-Fraguela, Cristina Villalba, and Flavio F. Marsiglia

Vol. 30. Núm. 3. September 2021

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The Role of Social and Physiological Variables on Older Adults’ Cognitive Improvement after a Group Singing Intervention: The Sing4Health Randomized Controlled Trial

123 - 138

Iolanda Galinha, Diego Pinal, M. Luísa Lima, and Antonio Labisa-Palmeira

Vol. 30. Núm. 3. September 2021

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A Systematic Review of Machine Learning for Assessment and Feedback of Treatment Fidelity

139 - 153

Asghar Ahmadi, Michael Noetel, Melissa Schellekens, Philip Parker, Devan Antczak, Mark Beauchamp, Theresa Dicke, Carmel Diezmann, Anthony Maeder, Nikos Ntoumanis, Alexander Yeung, and Chris Lonsdale

Vol. 30. Núm. 3. September 2021

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Cybervictimization, Offline Victimization, and Cyberbullying: The Mediating Role of the Problematic Use of Social Networking Sites in Boys and Girls

155 - 162

Belén Martínez-Ferrer, Celeste León-Moreno, Cristian Suárez-Relinque, Gonzalo Del Moral-Arroyo, and Gonzalo Musitu-Ochoa

Vol. 30. Núm. 3. September 2021

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Does One Size Fit All? Socioeconomic Moderators of Post-divorce Health and the Effects of a Post-divorce Digital Intervention


Ana Cipric, Aleksandar Štulhofer, Camilla S. Øverup, Jenna M. Strizzi, Theis Lange, Søren Sander, and Gert M. Hald

Vol. 30. Núm. 3. September 2021

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Characteristics and Predictors of Suicidal Ideation Severity among Callers to a Telephone Helpline in Spain

175 - 182

Javier Fernández-Montalvo, Pedro Villanueva, Alfonso Arteaga

Vol. 30. Núm. 3. September 2021

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