Psychosocial Intervention


Psychosocial Intervention is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers in all areas relevant to Psychosocial Intervention at the individual, family, social networks, organization, community, and population levels. The Journal emphasizes an evidence-based perspective and welcomes papers reporting original basic and applied research, program evaluation, and intervention results. Psychosocial Intervention is committed to advance knowledge, and to provide scientific evidence informing psychosocial interventions tackling social and community problems, and promoting social welfare and quality of life. Psychosocial Intervention welcomes contributions from all areas of Psychology and allied disciplines, such as sociology, social work, public health, and social epidemiology.

2017 Impact Factor: 1.545

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Editor-in-Chief: Enrique Gracia 



Efectividad de una Intervención Psicoeducativa en la Reducción de la Sobrecarga del Cuidador Informal del Paciente con Esquizofrenia (EDUCA-III-OSA)


Eduardo González-Fraile, María Teresa Bastida-Loinaz, Manuel Martín-Carrasco, Ana I. Domínguez-Panchón, Álvaro Iruin-Sanz y grupo EDUCA-III-OSA

Vol. 27. Núm. 3. 2018

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Sexism in Adolescent Relationships: A Systematic Review


Tamara Ramiro-Sánchez, María Teresa Ramiro, María Paz Bermúdez, and Gualberto Buela-Casal

Vol. 27. Núm. 3. 2018

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Assessing Victim-Blaming Attitudes in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence against Women: Development and Validation of the VB-IPVAW Scale


Manuel Martín-Fernández, Enrique Gracia, and Marisol Lila

Vol. 27. Núm. 3. 2018

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Psychological Harm in Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Epidemiology and Quantification of Injury in Mental Health Markers


Manuel Vilariño, Bárbara G. Amado, María J. Vázquez, and Ramón Arce

Vol. 27. Núm. 3. 2018

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Parenting Styles and Short- and Long-term Socialization Outcomes: A Study among Spanish Adolescents and Older Adults


Oscar F. García, Emilia Serra, Juan J. Zacarés, and Fernando García

Vol. 27. Núm. 3. 2018

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Child-to-Parent Violence and Parenting Styles: Its Relations to Problematic Use of Social Networking Sites, Alexithymia, and Attitude towards Institutional Authority in Adolescence


Belén Martínez-Ferrer, Ana Romero-Abrio, David Moreno-Ruiz, and Gonzalo Musitu

Vol. 27. Núm. 3. 2018

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