Vol. 30. Num. 2. May 2021. Pages 67-111

Special Issue: Bullying and Cyberbullying


Effects of a Brief Preventive Intervention in Cyberbullying and Grooming in Adolescents

75 - 84

Esther Calvete, Nerea Cortazar, Liria Fernández-González, Ainara Echezarraga, Marta Beranuy, Ana León, Joaquín González-Cabrera, and Izaskun Orue

Vol. 30. Num. 2. May 2021

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Moral Disengagement Strategies in Online and Offline Bullying

85 - 93

Eva M. Romera, Rosario Ortega-Ruiz, Kevin Runions, and Daniel Falla

Vol. 30. Num. 2. May 2021

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Sex Differences in Adolescent Bullying Behaviours

95 - 100

Sandra Feijóo, James O’Higgins-Norman, Mairéad Foody, Rafael Pichel, Teresa Braña, Jesús Varela, and Antonio Rial

Vol. 30. Num. 2. May 2021

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Assessment of a Multidimensional School Collective Efficacy Scale to Prevent Student Bullying: Examining Dimensionality and Measurement Invariance

101 - 111

José N. Peraza-Balderrama, Angel A. Valdés-Cuervo, Belén Martínez-Ferrer, Ana C. Reyes-Rodríguez, and Lizeth G. Parra-Pérez

Vol. 30. Num. 2. May 2021

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