Vol. 32. Num. 3. September 2023. Pages 141-201

Solicitation and Sexualized Interactions of Minors with Adults: Prevalence, Overlap with Other Forms of Cybervictimization, and Relationship with Quality of Life

155 - 163

Jessica Ortega-Barón, Juan M. Machimbarrena, Vanessa Caba-Machado, Adoración Díaz-López, Blanca Tejero-Claver, and Joaquín González-Cabrera

Vol. 32. Num. 3. September 2023

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Aggressive and Defensive Behaviour, Normative, and Social Adjustment in the Complex Dynamics of School Bullying

165 - 175

Manuel Carmona-Rojas, Rosario Ortega-Ruiz, Eva Romera, and Ana Bravo

Vol. 32. Num. 3. September 2023

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School-based Psychosocial Interventions’ Effectiveness in Strengthening Refugee and Migrant Adolescents’ Mental Health, Resilience, and Social Relations: A Four-country Cluster Randomized Study

177 - 189

Caroline Spaas, Sameh Said-Metwaly, Morten Skovdal, Nina Langer Primdahl, Signe Smith Jervelund, Per Kristian Hilden, Arnfinn J. Andersen, Marianne Opaas, Emma Soye, Charles Watters, An Verelst, Ilse Derluyn, Hilde Colpin, and Lucia De Haene

Vol. 32. Num. 3. September 2023

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Non-Disclosure and Suicidal Ideation in Adolescent Victims of Bullying: An Analysis from the Family and School Context

191 - 201

J. Francisco Estévez-García, Elizabeth Cañas, and Estefanía Estévez

Vol. 32. Num. 3. September 2023

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