Vol. 31. Num. 2. - 2022. Pages 67-131

Hot Yoga Leads to Greater Well-being: A Six-week Experience-sampling RCT in Healthy Adults

67 - 82

Bryant P. H. Hui, Laurie Parma, Aleksandr Kogan, and Laura Vuillier

Vol. 31. Num. 2. - 2022

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Serious Game-based Psychosocial Intervention to Foster Prosociality in Cyberbullying Bystanders

83 - 96

Paula C. Ferreira, Ana Margarida Veiga Simão, Ana Paiva, Carlos Martinho, Rui Prada, and José Rocha

Vol. 31. Num. 2. - 2022

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A Community-based Responsive Caregiving Program Improves Neurodevelopment in Two-year Old Children in a Middle-Income Country, Grenada, West Indies

97 - 107

Randall Waechter, Roberta Evans, Michelle Fernandes, Becky Bailey, Stephanie Holmes, Toni Murray, Rashida Isaac, Bianca Punch, Nikita Cudjoe, Lauren Orlando, and Barbara Landon

Vol. 31. Num. 2. - 2022

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Measuring Perceived Severity of Intimate Partner Violence against Women (IPVAW) among the General Population and IPVAW Offenders

109 - 119

Manuel Martín-Fernández, Enrique Gracia y Marisol Lila

Vol. 31. Num. 2. - 2022

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