Vol. 33. Num. 2. May 2024. Pages 65-132

Beyond the Initial Assault: Characterizing Revictimization in Intimate Partner Violence and Its Implications for Women’s Health

65 - 72

Marina J. Muñoz-Rivas, Román Ronzón-Tirado, Juan J. López-Ossorio, and Natalia Redondo

Vol. 33. Num. 2. May 2024

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Parent Peer Advocacy, Mentoring, and Support in Child Protection: A Scoping Review of Programs and Services

73 - 88

Yuval Saar-Heiman, Jeri L. Damman, Marina Lalayants, and Anna Gupta

Vol. 33. Num. 2. May 2024

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The Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Suicide-related Emergency Calls in a European City: Age and Gender Patterns, and Neighborhood Influences

103 - 115

Miriam Marco, Antonio López-Quílez, Francisco Sánchez-Sáez, Pablo Escobar-Hernández, María Montagud-Andrés, Marisol Lila, and Enrique Gracia

Vol. 33. Num. 2. May 2024

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Home-visiting Parenting Programs to Improve Mother-Infant Interactions at Early Ages: A Systematic Review

117 - 132

Claudia R. L. Alves, Bruna L. Seibel, Cláudia M. Gaspardo, Elisa R. P. Altafim, and Maria B. M. Linhares

Vol. 33. Num. 2. May 2024

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