Head of The European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context

Vol. 11. Num. 1. - 2019. Pages 1-49

European Journal of Psychology applied to Legal Context

The European Journal of PSychology Applied to Legal Context  2019 - Vol. 11, Nº 1


Rapists and Child Abusers Share Low Levels in Executive Updating, but Do not in Fluid Reasoning

1 - 7

Óscar Herrero, Sergio Escorial, and Roberto Colom

Vol. 11. Núm. 1. - 2019

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Influence of Parental Styles and Other Psychosocial Variables on the Development of Externalizing Behaviors in Adolescents: A Systematic Review

9 - 21

José Antonio Ruiz-Hernández, Elena Moral-Zafra, Bartolomé Llor-Esteban, and José Antonio Jiménez-Barbero

Vol. 11. Núm. 1. - 2019

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Longitudinal Effects of Parenting Mediated by Deviant Peers on Violent and Non-Violent Antisocial Behaviour and Substance Use in Adolescence

23 - 32

Olalla Cutrín, Lorena Maneiro, Jorge Sobral, and José A. Gómez-Fraguela

Vol. 11. Núm. 1. - 2019

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Analysis of Burnout Predictors in Nursing: Risk and Protective Psychological Factors

33 - 40

María del Carmen Pérez-Fuentes, María del Mar Molero-Jurado, José J. Gázquez-Linares, and María del Mar Simón-Márquez

Vol. 11. Núm. 1. - 2019

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Psychosocial Profiles of Adults with ADHD: A Comparative Study of Prison and Outpatient Psychiatric Samples

41 - 49

Trinidad García, Celestino Rodríguez, Javier Rodríguez, Asunción Fernández-Suárez, Vanesa Richarte, and J. Antoni Ramos-Quiroga

Vol. 11. Núm. 1. - 2019

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